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Machinery Service

Morsco is on call for emergency situations to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We can troubleshoot and repair specific machines or entire systems within your plant.


The Flexopress® sets unequaled standards for built-in absolute accuracy and repeatability. This ensures longer life expectancy for costly and complex press dies. Our patented ram guidance system requires no lubrication clearance thus enabling us to maintain a ram-to-bed travel of .0005" per foot or less, regardless of stroke length, and ram face-to-bed parallelism of .0005" per foot or less.

Facilities Maintenance & Management

We provide maintenance and service agreements, from lighting to drywall, plumbing to door closers, covering the maintenance needs of the entire facility, specifically designed around your Company's needs.

Automation & Controls

We offer complete system engineering and design for machine controls and data acquisition, equipment and line integration, variable-speed line controls, programmable and data tracking controllers, PLC system design and programming, robotic control programming and HMI interfaces.